Branch and Cole Wedding House

The Preservation of Art, REAL ART, in the wedding world

At first it might seem confusing to arrive at a website with so many artists represented. We get that. And we also understand that what we are doing is totally new and maybe even a little intimidating. After all, we have taken an enormous industry and selected the best of the best of the best and placed them under the same roof together, and that’s no joke. So, before we say anything else, we want to just say, Hi, and thanks for checking out what we’re all about. We think what we’ve created is pretty special, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

Branch + Cole was co-founded by two photographers who decided to elevate the wedding world to it’s potential. Tyler Branch and Logan Cole believe in the maintaining the highest standards and protecting authenticity across the board. And while it is true that the artists they’ve assembled are the ones gracing the covers of the biggest magazines, and leading the Best-Of lists year after year, this pack is really driven by a singular truth unwavering:

We stand for the preservation of the true artist.

Why it is offered

There will always be thousands of vendors, but at Branch and Cole, you will only find artists. The difference between a wedding vendor and a true artist can really be found in two places: the body work, and the motivation behind it. And here at Branch and Cole, both are completely genuine and undeniably compelling. We are propelled by a collective belief that art does belong in the wedding industry, and we are joining forces to ensure it stays that way, for a long, long time.

Here’s the honest truth that nobody really wants to admit (but we totally will): There are two groups: the ones who are creating art from their heart and soul, and the ones who are copying them. The problem is, while everyone behind the scenes knows the difference, the general population has a hard time telling one from the other, with all the smoke and mirrors. So we made it easy. In this agency, there are no copycats allowed. You can be sure that when you choose a Branch and Cole artist, you are getting the elite original, not the knock-off, and that is absolutely what you deserve.

Your wedding day is a big deal. In fact, we think it’s one of the biggest deals ever. And we promise that the art we create for you will be just as powerful on your 52nd anniversary as it is on the day you first lay eyes on it. That’s the profound gift of really incredible art, and that, without apology, is what we do here at Branch and Cole.

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